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Giant Roads Rug Play Mat XXXXL

Giant Roads Street Car and Train Rug XXXL And XXXXL Sizes

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  • Custom edged rubber with non slip Gel Backing on a giant roads car street view play rug.

Perfect car cars trains and more and a variety of other toys..

  • This is the largest roads rug available in a 2 metres x 2metres or a 2metres x 3 metres size (pictured)
  • This is a custome made rug made from the highest quality roads pattern available. It is not available in any other stores
  • This is European made Quality is simply the best roads pattern available.
  • or a 2m x 3 m size (pictured)
  • Fully rubber backed and custom hand cloth taped edging .
  • Quite simply this is the fineest quality Cars Mat available!

Your kids will love it, almost as much as Dad will :D


  • Backing Rubber Backed
  • Yarn Nylon